I am currently starting work on a new album and I am in need of sexy beautiful lyricists and acapellas for electronic music. I am producing genres such as Deep House, Downtempo, Electro, Chill, and other genres which just get confusing. I want your voice to be on pitch and I encourage you to write your own vocals but I can help where help is needed.

Please don't be afraid to send me non electronic things, as I can possibly use your vocals on many genres. I want to get this going as soon as possible so please send me a couple voice samples of you singing with and without acapella, if you don't have both that's fine. Thank you!

Here is a link to a one of the songs I want vocals on, check out the rest of my soundcloud as well. FYI, I only have 3 songs up at this moment but there are more I have yet to release. HAPTK - Gravity Bars

Contact E-mail

-Dylan Petruska aka HAPTK
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Todays social media is killing our youth but who the fuck cares enough to do anything about it?

When your hear about shit you'll never be able to change, do you ever ask yourself, "Why do I care"?

whats the meaning behind life? you tell me since i already know

2010-08-01 19:23:40 by Wertypopy

i will listen

http://www.google.com/profiles/Wertypo pyxbox

I was thinking of starting a flash collab. Wondering if anyone would like to help out? The story is about a group of kids trying to make their first flash collab. Kind of ironic isn't it. If you would like to help out or something in anyway or form, or have any better ideas or thoughts, pm me or make a comment please!