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Such a beautiful and amazing work of art! Cute, funny, well drawn, colorful, quirky! I also greatly enjoyed the sound effects! Good work!

Classic cartoon :) Makes me laugh every time! Keep up the good work!

I like the message, but Isn't that idea basically communism? Awesome animation by the way. Very clean.

adamanimates responds:

Thanks! The idea's been around for a long time, and is getting more popular now as robots can do more and more things. It's not communism because you'd still have the freedom to do whatever you want. It's just a floor so you have more options. Those who don't like higher taxes on the rich do try to slander it as communism though.

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This is hilarious.

My favorite part were the comments about this game! (the ones in real life) :D

Nothing happens but music being played at the title screen. This is not a game.

BubexMrt responds:

Sorry about that.. It was a bug, but we are already trying to fix it...

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I loved the Synthesizer in the second half but other than that it was a little too repetitive in the beginning. As far as an ambient score, bravo! But in the compositional sense, I am wondering if you just recorded the first part live with a cheap electric piano or two simple vsts on a midi. Regardless liked the second half, spacey indeed.

That shocked me, did not see that YUS coming.

Beautiful!! Very good job, a little out of tempo in the middle but I'll have a great time listening to this again and again.

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This blew me away. Great fucking job!!! SO much detail, and such a mind bending concept!! I love it!

Scottr5680 responds:

Thank you so much! Glad you like it :)

Awesome! I love it all but next time get rid of the extra skin below her tits, it looks unatural, like her right tit is melting. Same with the guy, looks like he has an arm coming out of his nipple. Other than that Great Job! :)

kiddeathxv responds:

Thanks I'll fix that for the next time, I see what you mean with the tit but I don't quite see what you mean with the arm nipple thing.

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